In today’s financial market, business requires being compliant by adhering to rigorous accounting and compliance requirements. Businesses with robust Audit and Compliance support never suffer the risk of financial non-compliance. Our professional and first-rate Auditors and Qualified Accounts constantly seek ways to provide our clients with matchless Audit service.

With quality at the heart of our business, we use our powerful tools to deliver trust on evolving business needs and stakeholder expectations. Taking a holistic view of your business, we work with you to provide transparency across financial and non-financial reporting.


GMPC experts work with asset managers and wealth managers to generate value in an ever-dynamic market.

We offer counsel on concerns in strategy, organization, earnings improvement, IT and operations, and sales and marketing. We also partner with clients to cultivate comprehensive observations about the future state of the industry, and to make robust strategic choices that will empower them to adjust and flourish in a fast-changing market.

Our highly collaborative approach enables us to work side-by-side with you at every step, from initial assessment to implementation. And, we make sure your teams develop the skills they need to support continual innovation and improvement.



Financial Statement Audit

Our financial statement auditors determine whether the financial statement is presented fairly under specified criteria. This type of audit usually covers the basic set of financial statements (statement of financial position and statement of financial performance) that serve as the criteria. However, certain financial statement audits may entail the use of other criteria, such as the audit of a bank entails the use of BOFIA (in Nigeria).

Compliance Audit

Our compliance auditors determine the extent to which policies, rules, laws, covenants, or government regulations are followed by an organization. For example, a company may have an audit department within the organization and the corporate rules and policies serve as the criteria for measuring the departments’ compliance.

Operational Audit

Our operational audit involves the systematic review of an organization’s activities, or a part of them concerning the efficient and effective use of resources. The purpose of an operational audit is to assess performance, identify areas for improvement and develop recommendations. Sometimes this type of audit is referred to as a performance audit or management operational audit.

Forensic Audit

This is an audit of a transaction or situation with the utmost intention of determining the nature, extent, involvement and impact of fraud. The purpose is the detection or determination of a wide variety of fraudulent activities. The use of auditors to conduct forensics has grown significantly, especially when fraud involves financial issues.


Inventory audit means physical verification of stock; it may also involve the valuation of inventory depending upon the terms of reference. At GMPC, we professionally audit your stock to ensure that the physical stock maintained at your location, store, or retail outlets matches the record on your system. We employ a structured approach to this service as we understand that stock audit is essential in keeping accurate inventory records. This critically serves as an internal control mechanism for companies that deal especially in a large stock of goods in order to have a robust return at the end of the retail store accounting year.

Our inventory audit services can be categorized into

Inventory Management: We offer inventory and warehouse management consulting to help your company optimize storage, layout, and workflow efficiency.

Cycle Counts: We help you improve efficiencies with frequently scheduled inventory cycle counts.

Inventory Analytics: We prepare complete inventory auditing reports that can be organized by department, by section, and/or by location. We offer comparison reports from existing and prior inventories for a holistic study to determine progressive action plans for your business.


The Nigerian tax climate is laden with a number of statutory and administrative peculiarities that could escalate the risk and costs for the non-discerning business.  GMPC provides advice on tax planning with the objective of minimizing the organization’s tax burden through careful and deliberate structuring of the company’s activities.

We work with clients to provide tax solutions in the areas of =>

Company Income Tax: The objectives of our corporate taxation services are to ensure that the tax liability in the audited accounts is correctly stated on a yearly basis and to facilitate the process of obtaining the companies tax clearance.

Personal Income Tax: Our personal taxation services are geared toward ensuring that employees are subjected to the minimum possible taxation, through innovative income distribution schemes. Further, we handle personal income taxation matters on behalf of employees targeting the different areas they may be taxed.

Transaction Taxes: Nigeria operates a VAT system that is governed by the VAT Act of 1993 (amended up to 2007). The law requires all businesses operating in Nigeria to register for VAT and to charge VAT on all relevant transactions, and collect an account for the VAT charged to FIRS on a monthly basis.

Nigeria also operates a Withholding Tax (WHT) system based on specific provisions in the various income tax laws. Businesses are mandated to deduct WHT on behalf of the government at the point of payment for qualifying services.

Our service in this regard is to ensure proper and timely compliance with the VAT Act and WHT system on routine compliance and occasional services


Credit management is basically your company’s action plan to guard against late payments or defaults by your customers. An effective credit management plan uses a continuous, proactive process of identifying risks, evaluating their potential for loss, and strategically guarding against the inherent risks of extending credit. Having a credit management plan helps protect your business’s cash flow, optimizes performance, and reduces the possibility that a default will adversely impact your business.

No two businesses are alike. That’s why your business needs a credit management plan tailored to its needs, industry, and customers


Debt collection activity is very complex; it requires a strategy that is planned in advance and which considers many variables: that is why it is necessary to approach a reliable company.

Our debt collection department floats a first-rate array of effective and efficient professionals, versed in navigating the waters of debt recovery and producing credible results for you. We recover your money for you, thereby ensuring you maintain a healthy debt portfolio.

Due to the experience gained over the years and the technology available, we are able to follow every phase of the debt collection process: the pursuit of debtor’s assets, extrajudicial recovery, judicial recovery, foreclosure, advisor regarding the assignment of defaulted debts, and the drafting of the report of irrecoverability.

Importantly, collecting debts in an amicable way is the priority of our experts and this, in turn, helps preserve good business relationships.
 By entrusting your debt collection schedules to GMPC, you will not only save time and effort, but you will also be able to focus on your main activities. In addition, experience shows that debts are recovered faster when a third party is involved.