Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. Do you recover debt outside Nigeria?

Yes, we do. Irrespective of the location of your customer (debtor), we can locate them and have them settle their overdue bills.

2. What do I have to present before you can recover my debt?

Our debt recovery team will need all proof documents ( or transaction documents) concerning the debt to facilitate the collection with ease.

3. How do you recover a debt from a customer who has passed on but have a well to do family?

First of we need to carefully establish the fact that the acclaimed debt is truly owed by the deceased person, all evidence of transaction will be presented and then an adjudication meeting will be held with the deceased representatives.

4. Customer relationship is crucial to every business, how do you get my money back without breaking this relationship?

Our debt collection team are well trained and equipped; they are strategic in carrying out their functions without soiling the relationship between our client and his/her customers

5. How long does it take to recover a debt that has lingered for so many years?

Recovering a debt that has lingered for years sometimes take longer than those that haven’t. But in a worst case scenario the debtor is placed on a repayment plan depending on the amount owed.

6. Can a debt be recovered without having to present any relevant document evidencing it or where such documents can’t be found?

Yes, though the chances of recovering such debt is slim if the debtor denies it. This is so because; there will be no written document evidencing the said debt to be presented in court when the need arise which may end in the forfeiture of the debt. We therefore advisably suggest that all transactions be formally documented.

7. Do you have lawyers who can be my advocate in lawsuit?

Yes we do have a Team of Legal Professionals that can stand in for you.

8. What are your chances of recovering a bad debt?

We assure our clients over 85% success rate if all related documents are intact

9. Do you have to involve law enforcement agents in the recovery processes?

No. Engaging the service of law enforcement agency is the least after all possible ways and strategies of recovering the debt must have been exhausted.

10. Do you have a bench mark of debt you recover?

Yes, we recover from 50,000 and above. Note: Our debt recovery policy is strictly on “NO RECOVERY, NO PAY” if we don’t recover your debt, you don’t pay us. Kindly read through our terms and conditions in the Terms and Condition session.