Our debt collection

We have a highly motivated team of negotiators who are enthusiastic about their line of work. Debt collection success is achieved by focusing on peaceful negotiation, persistence and a clear understanding of different personalities and business conditions.
Our approach helps us to achieve results while maintaining the value of your brand. Respectively, uniting the right systems with the right people, we match your service requirements, ensuring optimum recovery of both large and small debts, which may have previously been considered futile.


1. Client Agreement

2. Negotiation process

3. Background check on debtor

4. Telephone/ Email contacts and follow ups

5. Issuance of in-house demand

6. Ultimatum Notice

7. Physical visit if required (wherever possible)

8. Rigorous follow up with the debtor


Consumer Debt Collection

Goldenmuv Premium Consulting has a strong foundation in consumer collections. We understand that recovering consumer debt is a challenging and difficult process for creditors, and we provide exceptional solutions that deliver solid results.

Commercial Debt Collection

Establishing, building, and maintaining a relationship of trust and reliability with your company is our number one goal. In attaining this goal, we strive to fulfil your credit and collection needs that in turn will increase your cash flow and minimize the risk of selling on credit. Our collection associates all have extensive experience in the collection field and possess superior communication and negotiation expertise that supports the amicable collection of your claim.

Debt Recovery-Goldenmuv

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