Goldenmuv Premium Consul ting  Limited (GMPC) has made history in doctoring and branding several businesses and organizations into global prominence these past years. We have gained the trust of our clients through handling multiple CBDI contracts and projects cutting across diverse sectors. Our inexhaustible wealth of experience has taught us that it is critical that a brand speaks to its target market /investors, evokes positive emotions and express the values of the company. At GMPC, we believe that every organization has an identity, an intangible quality that makes them who they are. It is our desire and passion to create that identity for all our clients.


A strong brand attracts the most attention and patronage even in a teeming marketplace. The perception of your brand plays a crucial role in defining the success of your organization and its ability to outperform the competition. A winning brand identity development strategy assists you with personalizing your company and winning the hearts and minds of your target audience. Every organization needs an excellent brand identity to take full advantage of its sales and marketing efforts. GMPC employs a thorough brand identity development strategy focusing on specific communications targeted to your audiences. We ensure that your corporate identity speaks loud in the marketplace as it is the persona of your company and central to your success.


Just as you visit a doctor for a personal health check-up or hire a financial auditor to review your company’s finances, every company needs help conducting a brand review. The reason is simple; a third-party brand auditor brings an unbiased analysis to the table that the company can’t deliver itself. GMPC assesses the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and identifies brand growth opportunities including those to be achieved by brand positioning and brand extension. After the exercise, we proffer recommendations to improve your brand equity, brand positioning, brand management, and marketing effectiveness.


GMPC also proffer web development solutions. Our web experiences are high performing, feature-packed, and digitally trans-formative, designed to be user-friendly, fully functional, very secure, and able to scale as your enterprise grows. With up to 85% of consumers visiting a company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase, more and more consumers make decisions based on their online experience: the appearance, usability, and accessibility of your website is more important than ever.


A company profile is a professional introduction to your business that aims to inform an audience about your products or services, how you were founded, what your mission is, how you manufacture or source your products, and why you serve customers. Your company profile should give buyers and potential clients an additional reason to do business with you. The goal of your profile is to show why you’re a superior supplier or vendor compared to your competitors.


Managing your social media presence yourself can be quite tasking, from developing effective strategies to overseeing multiple social media accounts, the drain can take a toll on other activities. We know all these can be overwhelming, hence we offer SMM where we undertake the entire process for you. We analyze your social media audiences and develop a strategy that’s tailored to them. We also create and distribute content for your SM profiles, monitor online conversations, collaborate with influencers, and collate the right metrics for your SM coverage, thereby keeping your SM presence updated and constantly optimized to reach your swarming market.