Our dedicated team of professionals include Health and Safety specialist, Project managers, Training specialists, Engineers, Technical illustrators and Environmentalist, Customer relation managers, Human Resource managers, Transportation and logistics specialist. We are able to draw on our vast expert bank to design, develop and deliver flexible, scalable site-specific operations and training, for any industry.


GOLDENMUV is a leading provider of custom staffing & HR process outsourcing solutions. Our sector-specific consultants and operations experts help our clients uncover hidden opportunities to unlock their potential and deliver lasting impact in highly competitive industries and markets across Africa. We can provide the right team that matches your business demand, manage their payroll, boost their effectiveness and efficiency with proper training and provide replacements while you focus on growing your business.

Why choose GMPC HR:

Quality outsourced employees

We take the extra effort and time to ensure that you have the best quality people that are ideal for your unique business context. We achieve this through our rigorous identification, assessment, selection, and onboarding procedures.


We leverage state-of-the-art technology and processes to provide successful, smooth, and scalable outsourcing solutions to you. Our HR products place you at the forefront of a constantly evolving market.

Experience you can count on

With over 8 years of experience offering premium HR solutions in Nigeria, you can count on us to recruit and manage your people, projects, and processes to give you the right advantage in the market.

Compliance to the letter

We are precise in our responsiveness and also very reliable. 

We comply with all the elements and terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our 4Ds to HR Success

Our staffing solution seeks to create an equilibrium between people and performance; it is our conviction that one should not exist without the other.

Diagnose – First, we seek to have an in-depth understanding of your recruitment challenges and opportunities, delineate strategic measures of success and reach a decision on project deliverables.

Design – Furthermore, we design a bespoke staffing solution that is in tandem with your project and business environment.

Deploy – We deploy your bespoke staffing solution on time and to budget, with your desired end result as a guiding compass.

Deliver – We track, measure, and provide performance support towards guaranteeing your staffing project goals are optimally achieved.


Change management is no longer a frill or an extravagance, it’s a necessity. Successful businesses must constantly describe and operationalize change to remain competitive.

Today’s agile business climate necessitates organizations to have an inspiring vision, reliable and dedicated leaders, an engaging employee experience, and the proficiency to effectively respond. We can help you develop a new mindset on how to lead significant transformations through strong people alignment and preparation.

You need a team that can meet you where you are and craft the right solution based on your organization’s capability, vision, and desired outcomes. We can help on many levels, including;

Organizational Change Management

Like systems, organizations are central entities in our world, made up of a variety of people with different skills trying to accomplish a goal together. Once a group of people have been assembled, organizations start to take on a life of their own in terms of behavior and culture. Sometimes, organizations are in need of behavior, culture, or strategy shifts to respond to emergent needs, implement new tools or approaches, or make course corrections. Effecting change in an organization is rarely as simple as announcing what the change will be.

The key when responding to change is understanding what the options are. We help clients assess what resources they have available and what needs to happen in order for their organization to move forward. Sometimes this can involve participatory facilitation with affected parties to dig deeper into what a change means and understand where the individuals within the organization fall on a scale from resistance to support. We take the approach of helping clients plan and execute “small wins” as they are adapting to change, demonstrating effectiveness and the benefits of the change to those who may have been resistant.

Behavioral Change Management

How do you change culture? One behavior at a time. How do you change behavior? One action at a time. Our BCM framework focuses on measuring behavior in addition to just measuring activities, deliverables, and operating results. 

Through our work with diverse organizations, we understand the human element of change. We understand that training does not necessarily mean that new skills are automatically learned and applied by employees, we know that behavioral change is paramount to achieving innovative solutions with lasting results.

At GMPC, we know that change management requires a holistic, data-driven, proactive, and structured approach that addresses people’s risks. We can help you analyze your organization’s risk and readiness for large-scale change; design and execute a communication strategy; conduct job impact analysis; and design targeted workforce transition programs. We support the full life cycle of the change process, ensuring the effective and sustainable realization of business value.


Do you have an idea for a business, product, or service? Maybe you’ve already created a business plan but are stuck on marketing, or maybe you’re struggling to find financing. If you don’t know how to transform your plan into a viable business, a start-up consultant can help.

Raising funds is not enough! We can’t stress this enough! We’ve had start-ups flounder and crash enough!

Our SME consulting experts are an avid group of consultants and coaches that enjoy working with young start-ups to give them the requisite support that will catalyze their businesses for visibility and profitability. The daunting challenges of writing a winning business plan, creating your lean canvas, go-to-market strategy and devising a proper business model, and pricing are taken care of by us. No doubt, the entrepreneurial journey from idea to established business is an extended and winding one that is why we are positioned to help you through.

The first consideration in starting a business is neither capital nor network but knowledge “

The ideal time to seek professional business advice and support is before starting a business and not after experiencing failures and confusion. Our consultants work directly with you to identify the most critical next steps and help them get executed.


Today’s business environment is more complex and more connected than ever before. Companies face new and unknown risks, but also new and untapped opportunities.

The business and risk ecosystem as we know it now presents both great challenges and opportunities. GMPC’s global network of Risk Assurance professionals combine deep cross-functional expertise and leading technologies to improve visibility into risks, respond with agility and drive greater readiness for the future.

We collate specialist disciplines and commercial expertise to give you the insight, foresight, and independent advice you need to build and safeguard the value of all parts of your business. We’ll transform the way you observe – and navigate – risks, so you can remain at the vanguard of change.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Management needs to rethink risk and compliance to drive strategy, capabilities and performance.

Implementing the suitable Governance Risk, and Compliance (GRC) framework will enable organizations to identify the right approaches that contribute to process efficiency, improved risk management, and internal controls.


Good governance is essential as the pressure for organizations to be transparent, accountable, and socially responsible is greater now than at any other time in history. It is becoming clear that trust is key to all customers, stakeholders, and citizens.

Demonstrating good governance involves creating the right framework of rules, relationships, systems, and processes, including mechanisms to hold an organization’s people to account. We help design a contemporary and effective governance framework and implement GRC technologies to support you stay on course as you achieve your purpose and goals.

Risk Management

Risk management can be a strategic asset that drives business performance. By embedding management mechanisms that proactively identify, measure, prioritize and manage risk, leaders can gain the valuable insight they need to make informed decisions.

We advise across the spectrum of risk management, and offer managed services and consulting as well as risk culture and business continuity assessments.

Controls & Compliance

The enormous impact of recent ethical and compliance breaches on organizations serve as a stark reminder that organizations must be better prepared to keep up with the pace and scale of change in the regulatory and ethical compliance landscape, be confident of their compliance in a cost-effective way and be ready to take action when risks or incidents arise.

We offer a full range of integrated control, compliance and certification capabilities across all sectors, as more and more organizations look to the alignment of their compliance activities and their digital enablement.